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For a long time, I tried to get around building my own website.

I tried Google Sites, but realized that I didn’t like their lack of customization or relying on Google (see my DeGoogle’ing my Life post).

I tried a site called Zyro but it felt too abstract and once again, I didn’t have the degree of customization I really wanted in there. Plus, doing things visually instead of using programmatic templates got frustrating after a while. I had to redo the same customizations on every new blog post!

I also tried a few other static site generators like Jekyll, but each one felt like learning a whole new toolset instead of a set-it-up-once thing with proper theming and customization.

I recently also tried Pynecone/Reflex to build a whole site and discovered I don’t enjoy frontend work nearly enough to commit to building a whole website.

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Now, I’m using Hugo. It’s super customizable and the layout and theme structures make more sense to me than Jekyll did. For more info on differences between the two, check out this post comparing Hugo and Jekyll

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Ultimately, I don’t want to do anything too fancy here. I want to be able to share resources that have helped me with people – those resources can be technical, mental health, finance, or anything where I feel like I’ve had the same discussion many times. I don’t mind having those discussions, to be clear, but I’m worried about missing a key detail in my third time repeating information.

My eventual goal here is to be able to set up an Obsidian vault where I can record thoughts (even on the go) and pump out a static site whenever I’m ready to publish! I didn’t want to use Obsidian Publish, however, because that both costs more than I want to spend on this and lacks customization (you might be noticing a theme!).

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From here, I need to start posting a little more!