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This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I believe that emotional awareness and improvement are skills that we have to build, like any other skill. It seems like a lot of people think mental health is about just thinking really hard about feeling better, or about bottling up as much as you can before you burst, both of which I’d say are wildly off base.

There are some topics I’d like to focus on as I build out this page:

  • growing a growth mindset, and why it’ll change your life
  • locus of control, and my journey with OCD
  • therapy: why everyone should do it
  • depression and anger as two sides of the same coin
  • perspective on life, frames of reference, and how being vulnerable can open doors
  • some posts I’ve found from others that address topics that are important to me:
    • Being OK With Not Being Extraordinary, covering maintaining a growth mindset and appreciating smaller milestones in a world that is fixated on the ever-increasing ceiling on what “extraordinary” means